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MONTE VERITà tea ceremony +  BREATHWORK with Susana Tavares 

Tea ceremony and breathwork in a special place, join us!

Innerwalk Counscious Celebration in the Oberland. Where Movement meets Meditation, Silence meets Sound and Individuality meets Community. Experience the transformational power of different approaches to conscious walking, eating, bathing, relating and dance.

A mindfully hike over pastures and through forests till the Hinterburgseeli lake, a gem among the mountain of the Oberland. A shared canadian picnicking around a sacred fire on the lake side. A guided meditation leading to various practices of concious relating. A transformative silent party on the beets of dj Alex. A refreshing jump in the lake before sunset. Program: Sunday, September 25 Meeting point: Brienz train station at 11pm. Car sharing till the starting point in Axalp. We will be back in Brienz around 7pm.

Start  Brienz Train Station


Activity  Ecstatic Dance, Meditation

Theme Lightness, Freedom, Enlightment

Ages  Min 15

Group size Min 4, Max 35

Equipment  Bring Water, Warm Clothes

Physical rating Soft

5 hours

Cost per person
55 CHF

Special guest
Susana tavares
tour guide
Michela di savino


Book Innerwalk trip:
09 jul 2023 h. 11 - 19



We bring together like-minded people in their 30s and 40s on incredible adventures and 98% of them are solo travelers. We always defined a meeting point and walk together to reach our main location. We invite all the people to join a big circle welcoming all the partecipants (respecting social distancing).

Tavola disegno 4_30.png

tea followed by breathwork

We know the world’s best ways to promote freedom and joy. Arrived at the main location we start our Innerwalk Warm Up, to help you reconnecting with your physical and emotional body, authentic relating and creative expression. No previous experience needed!

Tavola disegno 9.png

Closing Circle, Meditation

After Innerwalk Session you will feel so nurished and fullfilled, that's the reason why we are planning some additional time and space for meditation and sharing to integrate what you get into the session.
Closing circle and the final meditation will be guided by our Special Tour Guide.

Meeting Point, Walk, Opening Circle

Why you'll love this trip


Innerwalk Project is pleased to guest SUSANA TAVARES:

I approached yoga and oriental philosophies in the 90s, during my university period. Since then I have continued to pursue my research on the meaning of life and spirituality - an impulse that I felt inside since I was a child - and I have continued to cultivate an interest in physical, mental and soul well-being.

I am very active and enthusiastic in the promotion and dissemination of Salutogenesis and techniques with the potential to expand consciousness, develop human dignity, increase personal and social authenticity and sense of responsibility, and generally in inspiring human beings. to take a more active role towards self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

Is this trip right for you?

  • If you need a moment for yourself after an hectic summer

  • You feel attracted by Monte Verità places of Power

  • On this session we have two guides that will lead the group

  • This trip is a great opportunity to get to know other like-minded people, so embrace it while you can

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