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Discover one of the most Breathtaking Region in Switzerland


From the exciting collaboration with Yogameetsweggis we organized a magical experience to explore the nature of the Weggis Vitznau Rigi region in an amazing way!
On the first day we are out and about in the unique Weggis Vitznau Rigi region. Weggis and Vitznau are located directly on the majestic Lake Lucerne at the foot of the Rigi, in the heart of Switzerland. Due to the mild climate, many southern plants such as palms, orchids and chestnut trees thrive in this region. This is why the region is also called "Lucerne's Riviera".
On the second day we discover the nature around fountains from the water. A canoe tour with a large Canadian from Advenutre Point takes us in the middle of the lake to a water meditation, past impressive and historical sections of Lake Lucerne. The tour is also ideal for families and inexperienced paddlers (from 12 years of age).


Start  Vitznau Train Station


Activity.  Ecstatic Dance, Meditation

Theme Freedom, Joy, Summer

Ages  Min 15

Group size. Min 4, Max 35

Equipment  Bring Water, Food, Trekking Shoes

Physical rating Soft


2 Days

Cost per person

298 CHF

Special Tour Leader 

Michela Di Savino



Book Innerwalk trip:
29-30 May 2021
12-13 June 2021

3-4 July 2021

24-25 July 2021

14-15 August 2021

4-5 September 2021


Included in the Tour

✓All Innerwalk activities

✓ Innerwalk Cacao Ceremony

✓Tour guidance & live DJ

✓ 1 RF headphone per person to borrow
✓Canoe tour including guide & equipment 

✓Vegetarian snack and herbal infusion from the Edelweiss garden



09:15 - Opening & Introduction at Vitznau 

10:30 - Cog railway to Grubisbalm, Awakening of the soul & Meditation session at the Waterfall

12:00 - Innerwalk Silent Ecstatic Dance

LUNCH at the rock gate (own picnic)

15:30 - Meditation path at the Felsentor & Silent Innerwalk Meditation.

18:00 - Hike and drive to Rigi Kaltbad DINNER vegetarian snack and herbal infusion from the Edelweiss garden

19:30 - Innerwalk Sunset Silent Ecstatic Dance + Cacao Ceremony at top of Rigi


10:30 - Innerwalk Warm Up & Canoe Tour Intro

11:30 - Lake Lucerne Canoe Tour with Innerwalk Guided Meditation

12:30 - Innerwalk Silent Ecstatic Dance on the beach

Return to the canoe station, followed by lunch (own picnic)

15:00 - Closing Ceremony

Why you'll love this trip

We will guide you through mindful walking, music, breathing and dancing.

  • Discover the best spot on Rigi Mountain.

  • Meditate under Grubisbalm Waterfall.

  • Enjoy the sunset on the top of Rigi.

  • Experience a sound journey on a Canoe exploring one of the most beautiful lake in Switzerland.

  • Try Cacao Ceremony.

  • Let your guides show you the best places around Weggis with playfulness and like minded people.

Is this trip right for you?

Innerwalk Tours are the right thing for you if you can say the following about yourself: I ...


... love to explore magical places in nature with a group while maintaining social distance.

... would like to try out the feeling of dancing and meditating in nature.


... believe in the power of transformative sound journeys and have a passion for sound healing and music.


... would like to learn more about how I can integrate flexibility and authenticity into my body, which leads to more creativity, relaxation and connection.


... have a basic level of fitness and can walk at a slow pace for at least 45 minutes at a time.

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