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Image by Jonatan Pie


Discover one of the best Panoramic Park in Carona


Between San Salvatore and Monte Arbòstora, approximately 10 km from Lugano, Botanical Garden of Parco San Grato extends up to 690 meters above sea level, and offers outstanding views over Lake Lugano and the Alpine peaks.
With a surface area of 200,000 m², Parco San Grato boasts the largest collection of azaleas, rhododendrons and conifers, in terms of variety and quantity. While visiting the park you find yourself immersed in an environment with one-of-a-kind natural and decorative characteristics: five thematic trails: botanical, relaxation, scenic, artistic and fairy-tale, and a sensory path created in 2017, each one of which reveals different aspects of the park which are renewed as the seasons change



Start  Parco San Grato

GPS  Via Santa Marta 6, 6914 Carona

Activity.  Ecstatic Dance, Meditation

Theme Freedom, Joy, Summer

Ages  Min 15

Group size. Min 4, Max 35

Equipment  Bring Water

Physical rating Soft


3 hours

Cost per person

35 CHF

Special Tour Leader 

Keri Gonzato

Meeting Point, Walk, Opening Circle

We bring together like-minded people in their 30s and 40s on incredible adventures and 98% of them are solo travelers. We always defined a meeting point and walk together to reach our main location. We invite all the people to join a big circle welcoming and meeting all the partecipants (respecting social distancing).


Warm Up, Ecstatic Dance

We know the world’s best ways to promote freedom and joy. Arrived at the main location we start our Innerwalk Warm Up, to help you reconnecting with your physical and emotional body, authentic relating and creative expression. No previous experience needed!

Closing Circle, Meditation

After Innerwalk Session you will feel so nurished and fullfilled, that's the reason why we are planning some additional time and space fro meditation and sharing to fully embody and integrate what you get during the session.
Closing circle and the final meditation will be guided by our Special Tour Guide.



Book Innerwalk trip:
27 June 2020 h. 4 - 7 pm

Why you'll love this trip


Innerwalk Project is pleased to guest Keri Gonzato, experienced Dancing Freedom amazing Dancer and Dj, Yoga teacher from Lugano.
We will guide you through mindful walking, music, breathing and dancing from 16 - 19 pm enjoying the beautiful sunset.

  • Dancing gives you a more subtle perception to appreciate some of the finest scenery in Lugano Region.

  • You have plenty of paths to explore.

  • Challenge yourself.

  • Finish your dance at Parco San Grato shop for a refreshing ale or two, a reward right for a full afternoon of bliss.

Is this trip right for you?

  • Parco San Grato is at times hilly so you’ll need good level of fitness to enjoy the place.

  • On this trip we have two leaders that ride with the group.

  • This trip is a great opportunity to get to know other like-minded people, so embrace it while you can.

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