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Discover the best Panoramic Bridge in Bellinzona Region

To reach Ponte Tibetano Carasc, a modern, fast and environmentally friendly cable car connects Monte Carasso (300 m) to Curzútt, ending to Mornera (1400 m) in just 12 minutes. We'll get off at the middle stop Curzútt and walk around 1 hour to reach it. The bridge is 270 meters long and 130 meters high.  
We will have the opportunity to take some amazing photos passing the bridge and the water lilies at Mornera Lake. For lunch we'll grab food at Mornera Grotto - typical restaurant - otherwise bring your Pic/Nic.

h. 10 meeting point at Cable Car Monte Carasso

h. 10.30 First walk from Mornera 1400 m to Mornera Lake 15 minutes

h. 11.00 First Innerwalk Activity - Opening Circle + Ecstatic Dance at Mornera Lake

h. 12.00 Lunch at Grotto or Pic/Nic

h. 13.30 Second walk to Ponte Tibetano

h. 14.30 Second Innerwalk Activity - Kundalini Yoga Activation + closing Meditation

h. 15.30 Innerwalk Van picking up the group

h. 16.00 Back to Monte Carasso 


Start  Monte Carasso Cable Car stop

GPS  Via Santa Marta 6, 6914 Carona

Activity. Ecstatic Dance, Meditation

Theme Kundalini, Air Element, Vertigo

Ages  Min 15

Group size. Min 6, Max 30

Equipment  Bring Water

Physical rating Medium

5 hours

Cost per person
50 CHF

Special Tour Leader 
Susana Tavares



Book Innerwalk trip:
11 June 2022 h. 10.00 - 16.00

Meeting Point, Walk, Opening Circle

We bring together like-minded people for incredible adventures and 98% of them are solo travelers. We always defined a meeting point and walk together to reach our main location. We invite all the people to join a big circle respecting social distancing.

Cable Car Ticket: 16 CHF/person
Every partecipant will pay directly on location.


Warm Up, Ecstatic Dance,


Kundalini YOGA

We know the world’s best ways to promote freedom and joy. Arrived at the main location we start our Innerwalk Warm Up, to stretch physical and emotional body, allow authentic relating and creative expression. No previous experience needed!

Closing Circle, Meditation

After Innerwalk Session you will feel so nurished and fullfilled, that's the reason why we are planning some additional time and space for meditation and sharing, to fully embody and integrate what you get during the session.

Hugs allowed :D

Why you'll love this trip


Innerwalk Project is pleased to guest Susana Tavares, amazing kundalini yoga teacher teaching in different yoga studios Ticino.
We will guide you through Mindful Walking, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Dancing from 10 - 16 pm enjoying the beautiful Tibetan Bridge.

  • Appreciate some of the finest scenery in Bellinzona Region.

  • You will receive a Group Discounted Ticket Price for Monte Carasso Cable Car.

  • Finish your experience with a big smile.

Is this trip right for you?

  • Monte Carasso is at times hilly so you’ll need good level of fitness to enjoy the place.

  • On this trip we have two leaders guiding the group.

  • This trip is a great opportunity to get to know other like-minded people, so embrace it while you can.