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13 Jul | Sound Immersion | Cave di Arzo

An incredible day with sound journey and amazing artists in the perfect location - Cave di Arzo

  • Inizia il Jul 13
  • Da 66 Swiss francs
  • Cave di Arzo

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Descrizione del servizio

We have created a fantastic event for you. A dedication to sound and its expressions thanks to our great artists & musicians. Come to join us at Cave di Arzo, a magical location where sound reverberate better than any other place in Ticino, truly magical! Programme of the day 10.30 - 12.00 Innerwalk session 
14.00 - 15.00 Krisztina Nemeth with Collective Healing Voices Group Session  
17.00 - 18.00 Nikla Bontadelli - Immersive Multi-instrument Sound Healing 
18.00 - 20.00 DjAlex - Trascendental Shamanic Journey The Location - CAVE DI ARZO From marble extraction to peace of mind The importance of the Arzo Caves has long been recognized at an international level, as evidenced by the numerous scientific publications on the topics of the tectonic phases and paleogeography of the Alps, as well as on the rich and unique fossiliferous deposits dating back to the Jurassic. The mining activities had the merit of bringing this natural monument to light. The Cave complex is located on Monte San Giorgio (UNESCO WHL), in Arzo, in the Mendrisiotto region. INNERWALK GUIDES, artists & performers MICHELA DI SAVINO Michela is a multidisciplinary artist, photographer, embodiment coach and space holder, with a background in Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance & Yoga. She studied 5Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance & Autenthic Relating, she is specialized in Team Building Techniques, recently completed Kundalini Bodywork Training with Elliott Saxby offering sessions in Zurich and Locarno. She is the founder of Innerwalk Project, recently selected as one of the most impactful social project in Ticino, where she built a community of locals and tourists. She guides people through Ceremonies and Events with her Ecstatic Dances in Natural Places of Power. With Impact Hub Incubator she is having the support to develop new Sound Journeys services to people in Hospitals, bringing Wellness, Body Awareness and Relief from pain. ALEX DAWSON Alex Dawson, Swiss Australian Complementary therapist, Feldenkrais Method, Master Reiki, offering Guided Meditation Journeys. Since 15 years traveling to India organizing tours to different Ashrams, Energetical Places Seeker. Leading Meditation groups in Locarno and Lugano. Innerwalk Project organizes events with Silent Disco RF Headphones in Nature to create a special nature-body connection through music and movement. Anyone who wants to rediscover their most rooted, open, playful inner self is welcome. KRISZTINA NEMETH Healing Voice is no

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If you can't join please contact us 5 DAYS prior the Tour, until then you get a refund of your money. // Se vuoi cancellare la tua prenotazione hai tempo per avere un rimborso del tuo pagamento online fino a 5 GIORNI prima che il tour abbia inizio.

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Elevate - Studio for Kundalini, Yoga & Meditation, Wyssgasse, Zürich, Switzerland

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