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Lago retico - Valle di Blenio
Alpi Lepontine

DISCOVER A Hidden Lake in the middle of Valle di blenio and dance with us in untouched nature

Lake Retico is located in Valle di Campo, at 2373 m in the municipality of Blenio, in the Lepontine Alps close to the border between Ticino and Grisons.

Once in this idyllic valley, you have the feeling of being in another world; in fact, the majesty of Lake Retico enters into the mind and into the eyes still full of the green of the climb.

The excursion covers a difference in altitude of 634 m, lasting 3 hours. You can stay overnight at Capanna Bovarina.

The name Retico derives from "Reto", who was captain of the Etruscans when the Gauls, who descended into Italy from the Alps, defeated the Etruscans near the Ticino, forcing them to retreat towards the Alps.

To reach the destination we are going to leave the car at the park near Alpe Predasca, reachable in 15 minutes by car from Campo Blenio. Then we are going to take the red-blue path which in just over half an hour and without too much effort reaches Capanna Bovarina (1870 m), and then continue through large meadows to reach the lake.


h. 10.30 Meeting point at parcheggio Casa Predasca

h. 10.45 Starting the hike to Lake Retico

h. 12.00 Innerwalk Intro + Innerwalk Ecstatic Dance + Closing Meditation

h. 14.00 Picnic lunch or lunch at Capanna Bovarina

h. 17.00 Back to parcheggio Casa Pedrasca

Start  Parcheggio Casa Pedrasca

Activity  Ecstatic Dance, Meditation

Theme Lightness, Freedom, Enlightment

Ages  Min 15

Group size Min 4, Max 35

Equipment  Bring Water, Warm Clothes, Hiking Shoes

Physical rating Medium

6.5 hours

Cost per person
39 CHF

Tour Leader 
Michela & Alex


Book Innerwalk trip:
9 jun 2024 h. 10.30 - 17



We bring together like-minded people in their 30s and 40s on incredible adventures and 98% of them are solo travelers. We always defined a meeting point and walk together to reach our main location. We invite all the people to join a big circle welcoming all the partecipants (respecting social distancing).

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Warm Up, Ecstatic Dance

We know the world’s best ways to promote freedom and joy. Arrived at the main location we start our Innerwalk Warm Up, to help you reconnecting with your physical and emotional body, authentic relating and creative expression. No previous experience needed!

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Closing Circle, Meditation

After Innerwalk Session you will feel so nurished and fullfilled, that's the reason why we are planning some additional time and space for meditation and sharing to integrate what you get into the session.
Closing circle and the final meditation will be guided by our Special Tour Guide.

Meeting Point, Walk, Opening Circle

Why you'll love this trip


Innerwalk Project guides for this trip will be Michela & Alex!

Alex Dawson, Swiss Australian Complementary therapist, Feldenkrais Method, Master Reiki, offering Guided Meditation Journeys. Since 15 years traveling to India organizing tours to different Ashrams, Energetical Places Seeker. Leading Meditation groups in Locarno and Lugano.

Innerwalk Project organizes events with Silent Disco RF Headphones in Nature to create a special nature-body connection through music and movement. Anyone who wants to rediscover their most rooted, open, playful inner self is welcome.

Is this trip right for you?

  • If you need a moment for yourself to dance and feel the joy of life

  • You feel attracted to this magical lake

  • Having a special DJ is a truly amazing experience

  • This trip is a great opportunity to get to know other like-minded people, so embrace it while you can

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